Things have been a trifle quiet around these parts, but rest assured it is not for lack of action behind the scenes! What may appear to the outside as inactivity has in fact been a necessary pupal stage before this little bug emerges as a majestic butterfly! Work is currently underway on several projects, not the least of which being the foundation of 40-Watt Spotlight's new Tunisian bureau.
As well several new publications are in various stages of completion; stay tuned for exciting new 40-Watt Spotlight releases coming soon!

MICRO HONOUR: 40-Watt author Adam Thomlison co-won Guerilla Magazine's micro-fiction contest, and published his story, I'm a Snowball and Girls Are Hell, in its spring '08 issue.

NEW IN NEWS: "Failure was never so sweet or so hard-earned," says the Queen's University Journal.

FOUR STARS FOR WWWFDLAM! Fun With Dead Trees, a literary-review site, has nothing but glowing things to say about We Were Writers for Disastrous Love Affairs Magazine. "But the thing I find funny is that even though I knew how each story would turn out ... I still found myself rooting for a couple of the protagonists in hopes that it would all work out." SHAZAM!

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